PR Connections

President Obama has often been characterized by the public as a great speaker.  During his campaign I fell into  the group that  was mesmerized by his ability to use words so well and speak so eloquently.  I have grown up as a republican and still believe myself to be, however I was always embarrassed by former President Bush’s inability to sound professional, energetic, or unfortunately even intelligent when speaking to the country.  Of course he is intelligent; I know this,  but  it is very clear that Bush is not the best public speaker, and not many republicans are. So when Obama began his campaign I was most enthused to watch some of his speeches. He has great stage presence and a deep passionate voice. He spoke clearly and with great emotion. What I didn’t know, was that the entire time (even walking around the room) he was looking at a teleprompter with the exact words of the speech written out. I understand the need for a teleprompter, but usually it encases only outlines so that the speaker does not loose train of thought. Most public speakers keep a hard copy in front of them or on note cards. In my public speaking class at Georgia Southern University we were not permitted to use any notes on certain assignments and must complete the speech from memorization. Unfortunately, President Obama was not prepared for this type of malfunction at his “Town Hall” meeting that was supposed to be impromptu Q&A from citizens around the country.

What should his PR team do to combat the negative press that they receive?

What if it happens more than once?

Let me make myself very clear in that I am not making fun of the President. I am just commenting on a PR connection and was wondering how people would handle the publics reaction.


On April 2, 2009 Kappa Delta Sorority hosted its annual War of the Wings charity event for Prevent Child Abuse America. Restaurants all around the Statesboro area donated thousands of hot wings in support. Over 300 students and community members came to enjoy the food, the music, and the atmosphere. Southbound the band performed for two hours, followed by a pie eating contest, soda chugging contest, and last but certainly not least, the HOT SAUCE chugging contest! Entree fees for these contests were $50.oo, and tickets to eat were only $5.00. This ticket included a full plate of wings, a drink of your choice, and dipping sauce. T-shirts were just $12.00 and we SOLD OUT.

Picnic for prevention is held at the end of April. This event is put on by the local Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch County chapter infront of the Statesboro Court House. Many organizations come out to advertise their contributions to PCA and also play games with the children and their families. There was facepainting, music, and food for everyone. Kappa Delta presented a check for $6,400.00 to the local chapter at this event. Hopefully next year will be just as successfull!

After being super frustrated for pretty much the duration of this course because of my issues with computers I finally decided to meet one-on-one with my instructor Barbara Nixon to get some advice. I am not completely computer illiterate, I mean< I grew up in the 90’s, but this blogging stuff really had me down. At one point my posts only consisted of paragraphs of boring information and links to websites that were not even embedded into the post. One night (actually, it was morning… 4:00 am to be exact) I was so upset and frustrated that I started crying. Embarrassing, I know.

ISee full size imagen the session with my instructor she calmly explained how to use some of the media applications so that my blog mights actually come to life. It was so easy to do, I just needed someone to actually show me how. I guess I am just a visual learner. I was only in the computer lab with her for about 10 minutes… but in that 10 minutes I was cleared of all anxiety.

Here are some simple things that I learned that might be of interest to new bloggers or other students in our class.

  • To put a picturein your blog:
    • Go to google images or any other site that you are interested in and find a picture relevant to your post. Right click and copy the picture. While you are editing your post Right Click to paste the pic where you want it. Then click on the picture and two buttons will appear. If you choose not to use the pic then click the right button that looks like this , if you want to use the picture click to the left on the button that looks like a landscape. A box will pop up and here you can change the size and position of your picture. Copy and paste the URL from where you received the picture and even change the caption. EASY AS PIE. Then click update.
    • To embed a youtube video click SHARE at the bottom of the video. Below that will pop up a link in a box that you can copy. Back at your post click the button that says add video above your toolbar. It looks like film. Click from URL and just paste the link into the blank box. It should be ready to update. It will not show up as a video while you are editing, but it will show up once the post is published.
    • To make a link to a website be embedded onto a word like Kappa Delta find the site and copy the URL. On your post highlight the phrase or word that you would like to link then click the button on your toolbar that looks like chain links See full size image. Paste the URL into the box and click the drop down menu so that it opens a separate window when the link is clicked. Then update!
    • If your toolbar looks like it is missing elements click on the button that says show kitchen sink.

I hope this helps anyone out there that gets frustrated with this stuff! After I learned how to do these simple steps I had such a better time BLOGGING. Thank you Professor NIXON!!!  Barbara B. Nixon