If you live in Statesboro or surrounding areas you have seen the local commercials of Northland Cable. If you have missed out on this wonderful experience, I have posted some of these masterpieces for your viewing pleasure. This is just a taste of the type of marketing techniques that are deemed acceptable in this area. I have to say that my little sister’s elementary school, Camp Creek Elementary in Lilburn,Ga, has a better marketing department for the 5th grade news show. In fact, as stated in the Statesboro Business and Lifestyle Magazine, 30 second commercials only cost about $8.00 per spot. That is less than two meals at Mcdonald’s. Does anyone know the going rate for a quality superbowl commercial? – What a difference! How am I as a marketing student supposed to explain to my future employers that I understand the ins and outs of advertising when for the past four years I have been exposed to these types of campaigns?

As you can see, it is a common theme of these folks to invite their friends and families to star in the home-made commercials. Could they not have taped a real banquet, or at least asked more friends to sit in chairs in the back of the room? P.S. cute kids at the end- who’s their agent.

I think Spongebob would be offended that his song was used in such an embarassing style. Come on, even a cartoon can do it better. I am pretty sure that the Spongebob theme song has a copyright, and it is illegal to use it in a different form. By the way, from what I have learned (and correct me if I’m wrong) one should not advertise for one’s competition that is directly accross the street.

Please, don’t show us inside any of the properties that you are renting out… I’d rather see how cool you look in your convertable. I am very excited to see that your handy man actually fixes things though, at least someone around here does.

 PLEASE check out this interview with “Bubba San” in Statesboro Business and Lifestyle Magazine! He states that companies need to brand their business. So what is Car City branded with?- foolishness? Low quality? They dont even show the cars in their lot! So without any further stalling… HERE WE ARE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… The pride of Statesboro! CAR CITY!

Look Y’all… They wash ‘Em too!