President Obama has often been characterized by the public as a great speaker.  During his campaign I fell into  the group that  was mesmerized by his ability to use words so well and speak so eloquently.  I have grown up as a republican and still believe myself to be, however I was always embarrassed by former President Bush’s inability to sound professional, energetic, or unfortunately even intelligent when speaking to the country.  Of course he is intelligent; I know this,  but  it is very clear that Bush is not the best public speaker, and not many republicans are. So when Obama began his campaign I was most enthused to watch some of his speeches. He has great stage presence and a deep passionate voice. He spoke clearly and with great emotion. What I didn’t know, was that the entire time (even walking around the room) he was looking at a teleprompter with the exact words of the speech written out. I understand the need for a teleprompter, but usually it encases only outlines so that the speaker does not loose train of thought. Most public speakers keep a hard copy in front of them or on note cards. In my public speaking class at Georgia Southern University we were not permitted to use any notes on certain assignments and must complete the speech from memorization. Unfortunately, President Obama was not prepared for this type of malfunction at his “Town Hall” meeting that was supposed to be impromptu Q&A from citizens around the country.

What should his PR team do to combat the negative press that they receive?

What if it happens more than once?

Let me make myself very clear in that I am not making fun of the President. I am just commenting on a PR connection and was wondering how people would handle the publics reaction.