While listening to “Marketing Over Coffee” with my sorority sisters on the chapter room floor, we found some pretty interesting facts. 

These two men record their conversation in a Dunkin Donuts about the different marketing techiniques that different professionals use and the effects that they have.

They started out by talking about a new barcode technique on baseball cards and even billboards. A person can scan barcodes with their cell phone and computer to bring up websites and interesting blogs that have to do with the product that they scanned.

Moving on from that, the men began to speak about email tracking and the use of  TWITTER. They reitterated several facts that Professor Nixon has spoken about and over the course of this semester, I have learned are very important as well.

  • The Marketing Over Coffee” guys have over 9,000 people following them.
  • They stated to keep it professional, no one wants to hear when you are feeding your children.
  • Post often.