Twitter From the start of this course till now, Twitter has BLOWN UP! I have been so surprised to see celebrities that I am interested in post on Twitter. Ryan Seacrest, Britney Spears (well… her staff), and Oprah all update me on what is going on in their lives and those around them. I am also following FOX news and CNN; I like to see how differently they report on things or if they even cover the same stuff.

As a new Tweeter, I enjoy following more than Tweeting. I use it as an “updater” so that I can get quick snippets of what is going on. I get Enews texts sent to my phone so that i know the latest gossip in HOLLYWOOD.

Twitter is a social network that connects individuals using short messages that are only about 160 characters long. This is about the size of a text message for your phone. This is very useful if you sign up for the part of the website that allows the messages to be sent to your phone. If you are busy, like me, and don’t have time to read the paper or watch the news but you still would like to be knowledgable about what is going on, then follow a news station. They will update their status with breaking news sent right to your phone. You will be “in the know” before anyone in your office or classroom! This is also a great way to keep up with relatives and close family. My mom and sister live in Atlanta while I attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. When my sister, Cloe, updates her status about winning her volleyball game or getting an “A” on an assignment, I emmediatly am notified and can call her when I get a chance. If I post that I am broke and eating Ramon Noodles in hopes that my mom will put money in my account, I receive links from my mother to sites to teach me how to better manage my money. (Thanks.)

PicnicOne of the things that I tweeted about during this assignment was the success of War of the Wings, a philanthropy event hosted by Kappa Delta. At the end of April KΔ presented a check to Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch County for $6,400.00, which was 80% of the money raised at the event. The check ceremony was at Picnic for Prevention, an annual picnic to raise awarness. The other 20% of the money raised was sent to the national Prevent Child Abuse America office. Thank you to all who came out and participated!!