Here is an informational snippit on how to develop your own personal pitch when meeting new and important people. It is called “The Elevator Speech,” and is designed to help you boil down who you are and what you do to a less than thirty second phrase. Have you thought about what you would say if someone asked you how you spent these last 4 years?

From the Textbook “Public Relations: strategies and tactics” by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glenn T. Cameron.

Three social medias that are important to the field of PR are News releases, media alerts, and pitch letters.

A news release (press release) is a document that is made to provide the information of a firm to a mass media publication such as a newspaper. A media alert brings attention to an event or news conference for reporters and stations so that they can be available to cover the event. A pitch letter is a short letter or note to the editor in hopes to grab their attention. This form is usually accompanied by a media kit.

  • In all cases it is important to follow some simple rules.
    • Do not describe products with words such as “unique.” These phrases are over used and dry. Reporters want to know actual characteristics and uses of the product. Not opinions.
    • Avoid words such as “world class” and “leading Provider”- anything that tries to position your company.
    • Be direct and to the point.
    • Use the inverted pyramid style of writing to make sure important information is not cute by the editor.
    • State the 5 W’s: Who What Where When Why.