Ethics are norms that are based on one’s moral behavior when descisions of fairness arise or questions of right or wrong. Many people use “The Golden Rule” as their basis for ethical descision making. In Public Relations it is always important to have good ethical tactics for many reasons; for instance reputations of yourself and the people you represent are at stake and the public that you are giving information to deserve to have the full truth.

PRSA has its own code of ethics that PR proffesionals are to follow. The society agrees that there are 6 core values that should be followed : Advocacy, Honesty, Expertise, Independence, Loyalty, and Fairness. There are different tips on handling different situations as every conflict will be individual and unique.

PR is not considered a profession at this time because it lacks the education and background that is required for other feilds like dentistry or medicine. Many argue, however, that PR is a combination of many professions. ‘”We act as publicists, yet we talk of counceling. We perform as technologists in communication, but we aspire to be decision-makers dealing in policy”‘ (John F. Budd Jr.). PRSA is one of the first to aquire an accreditation program. This lengthy program involves a preview course, portfolio, and written exam. Members that are awarded are considered Accredited in Public Relations.