Although I was sick on Wednesday, I listened to the cool new TuneTalk application on the blog to see what I missed! It is so funny that we are talking about interviewing because so many people in our house have been interviewing this past month.


1. Research the company that you are being interviewed for. Be prepared for the converstation. Our roommate was asked flat out what she knew about the company- luckily she and her mother had looked up important information.

2.  Dress up. It is important to care about your appearance even on a phone interview!  This has even been discussed on the hit TV show “What not to Wear.”

3.  Keep good Body Language. Shake hands firmly (but not too hard) with one hand and keep good eye contact. Put your nametag on the right side of your body.

4. It is OK to ask Questions. Keep them appropriate, but ask any questions that you have.

5.  Be on Time. Early is on time and on time is late. – At a group interview that I was at a girl came in 10 minutes late and the first question they asked her is, “Why is it important to be on time?” (it was very embarassing)

6. Do not Figget too much. Cross your legs at your ankles or just keep your knees together. If you move or figget too much it could be distracting.

7. Get a good nights sleep and eat a snack a little bit before. Being tired or hungry can turn out bad.

8. Bring your resume. Yes, you already sent one in, but it is still important to bring a second one. Have one infront of you in a phone interview!

9. Do NOT talk about personal things. Keep the conversation professional. -If you are not focussed on the job, they won’t focus on you!

10. Do not smoke before.- Don’t even stand with someone that has been smoking. – The interviewer WILL smell it and judge you.

– There are many more tips for interviews and resumes online, but the best advice is from HR managers and people’s personal experiences.