Planning is another essential step to the process of PR. Like a wise man once said,”If you fail to come prepared, you come prepared to fail.” Planning will help everyone involved in the project get a closer look at what is expected of each individual and give people a closer look at the overall goal.

From the Textbook “Public Relations: strategies and tactics” by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glenn T. Cameron.

  • After researching, it is important to put all of the data together and plan on how to use it effectively.
  • It should be a strategy to meet the organizations goals.
  • The 9 steps to Management By Objective (MBO) include:
    1. Client/employer objectives
    2. Audience/publics
    3. Audience Objectives
    4. Media Channels
    5. Media Channel Objectives
    6. Sources and Questions
    7. Communication Strategies
    8. Essence of the Message
    9. Nonverbal Support

Program plans involve many elements to ensure that the overall goal is met. These elements may include having a clear understanding of the situation, having a specific and defined audience, providing guidelines of the strategy, and a clear message theme.

  • It is important that all team members know the tactics and activities to be performed.
  • A calendar and time-line are essential to propper planning.
  • A clear budget should be drawn up and reported back to after every transaction throughout the process.
  • Restate the objectives and goals of the firm and the project while planning.
  • Always know that the planning process is never over. At times, many teams may have to “tweak” their plans while performing tasks if something does not turn out the way it was originally intended.