In our groups on Monday we spoke to each other about the evolution of Public Relations and how it has changed over the years. PR dates back all the way from Pope Gregory XV where he used propaganda in faith. As we moved on to later dates we found that The Boston Tea Party is known as one of the greatest and best known publicity stunts of all time! Moving through the dates we found that indiviaduals started using PR to further themselves in the entertainment industry and politics. The term public relations was not used until the late 1800’s and was first used by the Association of American Railroads, however the act of public relations is centuries old. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to use press conferences and interviews to gain support from his public. He found that it is important for the people to believe in the decisions that are being made from the government and that the public should be well informed.

We can see with the progression of  PR that the field is becoming more diverse. Now the practice of public relations has about 70% of women, whereas thirty years ago only about 30% of women worked in this area. Women tend to have better listening and communication skills and have moved from lower paying fields such as teaching and nursing to areas of PR.